Professional Software Engineer

Hi! I’m Sardor, an experienced full-stack software engineer with passion for technology and business. Skilled in C#, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Angular, Python, SQL/NoSQL and other related tools. Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Computer Science from City University of New York, Brooklyn College.

Featured articles

C# Delegates, Events and more

In this article, I will be discussing C# delegates, events, and other related topics that involve these two. Even if you have been working with C# for a long time, this type of topic might seem confusing. The reason is we do not use them on a daily basis. Or we use it without realizing it. Either way, brushing up on this topic with simple and clear examples is always a good idea.

C# Generics Simplified

Generics is a powerful feature of C#, which was introduced in version 2.0 to allow creating type-safe classes, interfaces, or methods without actually committing to a specific data type.

Getting wise with bitwise

Bitwise operations, shifting bits, two's complement, and other similar terms related to bit manipulation seem like a scary topic people always try to avoid. However, they still come up a lot when dealing with code that requires precision and performance. Even though this topic is old and has been around for a long time, it is worth brushing up on this field once in a while to improve your skills. In this article, we will refresh our memory on binary numbers and look into the primary bitwise operations.


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    iCAN Group
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    Senior Software Engineer I
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    Vodiy LLC
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    Maker's Row
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